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The Voyage of Saint Brendan the Navigator and Book Announcement

No, Brendan is not holding my newly released book, Adventures in Soulmaking. But you can. Please read on. 

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The earliest extant version of The Voyage of Saint Brendan was recorded around AD 900. There are over 100 manuscripts of the story across Europe, as well as many additional translations. The Voyage of Saint Brendan is a Christian semi-allegorical narrative that  also contains descriptions of natural phenomena and fantastical events and places, appealing to a broad populace.  It is a true epic soulmaking adventure. 

On the Kerry coast of Ireland, Brendan the Navigator built a boat of woven branches, covered it with hides tanned in oak bark softened with butter, and set up a mast and a sail. He and a small group of monks fasted for forty days, and after a prayer upon the shore, embarked in the name of the Trinity. The account is characterized by many wonderful harrowing adventures and contains references to sea monsters and hell where “great demons threw down lumps of fiery slag from an island with rivers of gold fire” and “great crystal pillars.” Many now believe these to be references to the volcanic activity around Iceland, and to icebergs, suggesting that at least some of Brendan’s adventures actually happened.

My favorite band, Iona, sings a haunting melody in honor of Brendan’s allegorical saga.  You can listen to it here: IONA - Brendan's Voyage / Brendan's Return . I hope you will. 

Both Brendan’s tale and my more modest Adventures in Soulmaking convey the profound processes of soul and faith development that we undergo on the spiritual journey. Adventures in Soulmaking stories are perhaps not as Hollywood as Brendan’s, but they have the advantage of having actually happened in your day and age. I say “actually happened”, because my wife, the storyteller, insists that all good stores are true. Some of them, however, actually happened. So both Brendan’s and my stories are true in different ways. Adventures in Soulmaking's clinical and spiritual tales link modern human struggle with the ancient wisdom of spiritual formation tradition, the Bible, and the more recent wisdom of Jungian psychology--still pretty heady stuff, even if not full-on Hollywood. Like with Brenden’s tale, there are a few monsters in Adventures in Soulmaking. See page 57. It is also filled with the monstrous love of God. Come and see. 

Adventures in Soulmaking: Stories and Principles of Spiritual Formation and Depth Psychology is now available in a print version and the updated Kindle version. The print version can be purchased by clicking here: 
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It’s not too early to purchase Christmas gifts. 

Peace and good sailing,
Troy Caldwell M. D.