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“...Finally, after all my psychiatry training was complete, I began observing directly the action of God in the souls of patients with whom I was honored to work. I began discerning patterns--the ways of God if you would--and this stirred my hunger even more. I then heard my own call to a deeper, more interior experience of God through prayer and soul work.
      “About the same time, I also discovered a repository of wisdom in the spiritual theology and spiritual direction tradition of the broader church. I found it enriching and very much in harmony with what I was observing objectively in my patients. The pieces began to fit.
        “Through the years, understanding has grown through the privilege of shepherding souls on their spiritual journey. Psychiatry offers a privileged position from which to view the soul—both psychological and spiritual. People come to see psychiatrists during times of life extremes. I have travelled with many Jobs.” My new book Adventures in Soul Making allows you to travel along with me.

 ADVENTURES IN SOULMAKING: Stories and Principles of Spiritual Formation and Depth Psychology

       Adventures in Soulmaking  shares stories of souls on a journey--some of the most fascinating stories of my 30+ years of psychiatry and spiritual direction. Through these stories, your appreciation for the soul can grow. You will take some of the road to understanding that I was privileged to travel. 
        As a result of this journey, it is my hope that you will appreciate more fully the nature of your own soul. Doing so will enable you to take a more conscious spiritual journey with greater appreciation of the actions of God within you. 
        In addition to satisfying the hungry pilgrim, this book is for spiritual directors, psychotherapists and counselors. Within these pages are some of the best pearls and teaching tools that I have developed over the years. On understanding the principles of this book, the helping professional will find tools to enhance their clients and their practice. They will also find blessings for their own souls.

Troy  Caldwell,  M.D.

Professional Credentials
 B.S. Magna Cum Laude from Oklahoma Baptist University, 1973; Trent Medical Award
  M.D. degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 1977
Residency in Psychiatry, 1977-1981; Chief Resident (1980)
Private Practice of Psychiatry, 1981-2000 in the Dallas, Texas area
 Prison Inpatient Psychiatrist with the University of Texas Medical Branch from 2000-2014
• Rusk State Hospital psychiatrist 2014-2015
• Contract psychiatrist 2015-16. Retired in 2016.
• Published in Recognized Professional Journals
 Published Adventures in Soulmaking: Stories and Principles of Spiritual Formation and Depth Psychology 2015      

Credentials & Experience Related to Spiritual Theology
Schooled in scriptures through numerous college classes, Navigator programs, qualified spiritual leadership, personal and church study, and the Anglican School of Theology
Licentiate candidate in Spiritual Theology, Anglican School of Theology of Dallas
Instructor for the Spiritual Direction class for the Anglican School of Theology
Experienced leader of Bible study groups, evangelistic meetings, discipleship programs
Visiting Professor, Agape Institute of Biblical Studies; Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1986-1988.
Teacher of in depth Spiritual Development classes
Doctoral project supervisor in Spiritual Formation for Perkins Theological Seminary of Southern Methodist University. 
Extensive professional group and personal studies of spiritual direction with internationally recognized founder of School of Spirituality and School of Spiritual Directors of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, Iris Pearce M.A.
More than a two decades of personal spiritual direction
Teacher at the Episcopal School of Spiritual Directors and Ordained in the Spiritual Companions Program
Completed training of the Order of St. Luke
Short term missions participant with the Christian Medical and Dental Society
Numerous professional & lay group presentations on related topics
Shalem Institute Training Group in Spiritual Direction
Extensive experience in the practice of spiritual direction and counseling as well as psychotherapy
Extensive readings in spirituality and spiritual direction
Active church member
Ordained Deacon