Storytelling Wisdom

Richard Rohr had this to say today.

"Jung goes so far as to say that transformation only happens in the presence of story, myth, and image, not mere mental concepts. A great story pulls you inside of a universal story, and it lodges in the unconscious where it is not "subject to the brutalities of your intellect or will," as Thomas Merton might say. From that hidden place you are "healed." For Christians, the map of Jesus' life is the map of Everyman and Everywoman:" 

One reason I wrote Adventures in Soulmaking was to put my spiritual direction and psychiatry stories into the context of the Great Story of the spiritual life called the Spiral Path. Learning of this path, and the wisdom of the greater Christianity tradition regarding this path, was a breakthrough for me. I even put imagery of the path on the cover (in case anyone was wondering what that spiral in the sky was.) I hope it will be meaningful to some of you.

Reading Rohr's quote today also highlights the great wisdom of the Cosmos for giving me my wonderful wife of 42 years, Gwen Caldwell, Professional Storyteller.

By the way, The subtitle of Adventures is Stories and Principles of Spiritual Formation and Depth Psychology. In case some are unfamiliar with the term, "Depth Psychology", that is most commonly applied to the psychology of Dr. Carl Jung.