The Glory of God
     Know what and Who it is that gives you that longing in your heart.

Archetypes as Guideposts on the Spiritual Journey
      Appreciating Jung’s masculine and feminine archetypes offer perspective on the nature of wholeness. Intriguing correlations exist with Biblical characters

Guideposts on the Spiritual Journey
      A look at how Jesus expected his disciples to notice and understand the symbolic in his acts and in the everyday world around them. Some modern examples of symbols guiding souls on their journeys.

Grief in the Spiritual Life
      A discussion of how key is our processing of grief and loss in our spiritual life’s development.

The Problem of Evil and Suffering
      Thoughts following the tsunami

The Inscrutability of God and the Three Ways of the Spiritual Life  
      A look at how the Purgative, Illuminative and Unitive Ways of the spiritual life have helped pilgrims navigate some of the perplexities of life’s journey.  

The Spiral Path
     Appreciate how the Three Ways and our spiritual journey are like a spiral.

Psyche Diagram in Color

The Beatitudes and the Three Ways
     A look by Father Rogers at how the Beatitudes can be used to guide us on the spiritual path. A chart compares this developmental view with other developmental understandings. A chart of Erickson and the beatitudes is also included.

The Traditional Stages of Faith with the Three Ways
     Belief in God; Trust in God; Rest in God

Ambivalence toward God
    What do you do when you are unhappy with God’s call?

A Dialog of Developmental Greats
    This is an imagined discussion between psychological developmental theorists that includes Dr. James Fowler discussing the stages of faith he discerned out of his research. An interesting and erudite read.

Roman 7 in Psychological Language and Bible Greek
     Here is an extended passage using the words Nous and Sarx where Paul illustrates their psychological actions within us.  

Praying from the Still Point: The Importance of Recollection
     You who are thirsty, Come to the Water! How urgent it is to be spending time with our hearts open to God!


Guidelines for a Disciple’s Way of Life--The Rule of Life
       It is good and necessary from time to time to reflect on one’s practices of life. Are my current practices and patterns truly promoting growth in Christ or not? This document by the Anglican School of Theology helps students do just such reflection. Perhaps you would profit from using it as well. within us. This pdf file has been expanded to a web page with many links to to referenced ideas. It can serve as a starting point for navigating both the spiritual life and this web site.

The Jesus Prayer
     An ancient and powerful prayer technique for finding your still point and walking with God through the day. 

How to Interpret Dreams
    God calls some people to look at themselves and their journey through dream symbols. Here is a thorough discussion of technique. 

The Way of Contemplation
     Wordless, imageless longing for God as the prayer of our hearts

The Spiritual Marriage
     The soul for whom intimate and personal communion has been the mode under which they best apprehended spiritual Reality, speaks of the consummation of the communion, its perfect and permanent form, as the Spiritual Marriage.

Spirituality Annotated Bibliography
      Make use of this for your further reading

Lectio Divina Technique
     “Divine Reading” has a long history within Christianity. Energize your “Bible study” with this meditative technique which promotes the written word becoming the “Living Word.” 

My True Identity is Found in God
     Here is an exercise that many have found assists them to more fully discover their true self found in God. It also promotes living that truth rather than being subject to the whims of feeling and the moment.

Imagistic Prayer for Healing of Soul
    A lecture outline regarding inner healing prayer, a technique of prayer I find has profound impact on soul transformation. 

Under the Mercy
     I am thankful that I am under God's mercy. Mercy is the Great Weaver collecting and binding together the scattered and broken parts of our lives into a tapestry of divine love. Chesed is the Hebrew. It means a fierce bonding love as between lovers. Loving kindness is its frequent translation.

A Temple Meditation
     A walk with Jesus through the temple, paralleling it to our souls