Adventures that are Free

The Peddler
"A LONG TIME AGO, up in the mountains, there lived an old peddler. This was back in the days before 7-Elevens and convenience stores. Back in those days, if you wanted to buy something, you had to get it from a peddler or do without. "

   So begins our Adventures in Soulmaking. Our entire journey on this planet is about soulmaking. Our Infinite Creator put us here in this garden for the purpose of growing our souls. I describe this growth process using the appreciations of both Jungian psychology and spiritual direction in my book titled, Adventures in Soulmaking: Stories and Principles of Spiritual Formation and Depth Psychology.  
   Over the coming year you will be able to read Adventures in Soulmaking for free as I post it a chapter at a time. I hope you will enjoy it and profit from it on your spiritual walk. Please find the first chapter in pdf format using the link  HERE.
   In chapter 1, I tell the story of The Peddler. Like Dorothy following the yellow brick road, the peddler spirals far from home then back around to his own back yard in order to discover the treasure that he always had. This is the story of our lives. We are not in Kansas anymore even though the mundane features of our lives suggest otherwise. We are on a spiritual quest. Adventures in Soulmaking will give you eyes to see this expedition. 
   Join me, and feel free to write or call with your challenges, observations, or feedback using the blog or the contact information on the HOME page.